Bad Conscience // 18.11 Loophole

Bad Conscience // 18.11 Loophole Berlin from HYENAZ on Vimeo.

Consumer Refund
At the start of your quest, you find yourself at a crossroads. By clicking with the mouse, you decide where to go. C-R shares archetypal dream realities, for shamanic journeying and immersion. //

Sky Deep
Sky Deep keep dancers on their toes with styles ranging from deep and smooth to funky g-house to breaks and tech beats. She is the founder of Reveller Records and Reclaim the Beats Festival. //

Impulsive techno, beats slightly broken. Melancholy poetry, words barely spoken. //

Andreas Maan
Co-creator of Patterns of Perception – a sensory journey through techno’s hypnotic depths – Andreas Maan has a taste for the ragged end of a party, where deep, dark, driving beats push the dancefloor to its limits. //

Co-creator of the infamous ‘Blitz Club’, Voin has played Berghain, About Blank & Dark Allies. Voin’s sets cover the more dreamlike dance orientated side of Synthpop with dark, romantic and emotional qualities tied in. //

Into a vast sonic landscape spanning techno, dark disco and house, HYENAZ weave vocal cut ups, poetry and a capellas. Each set is a singular event, and bear imprints of the tumultuous moment in which it was formed. //