KALA – Origin (FST011)


KALA, which in Hindi means the ability to perform in art, is a collaboration between close friends Purvi Trivedi originating from Mumbai, India and Veslemøy Rustad Holseter hailing from Grinder, Norway. The duo met through mutual friends in 2010 whilst studying at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. Trivedi, a Sound Technology student at the time and Rustad Holseter a Music student quickly formed a deep friendship over common interests and shared musical influences. In late 2012, the electronic duo ‘KALA’ was born drawing inspiration from artists such as The Knife, Bjork and Grimes. With Rustad Holseter’s diverse vocals and synths, expanding from soft to harsh and guttural, mixed with Trivedi’s otherworldly sound design, pulsating beats and production – KALA has been described as a mix of dark avant-garde electronica, tribal beats and eastern mysticism producing a mesmeric musical spell full of subtle drama.

Their debut release ‘ORIGIN’ is a conceptual album exploring the various layers of human behaviour with each track showcasing a primitive emotion and its complexities such as: Escapism, anger, friendship, childhood, ego, fantasy, sexual desire and falling in and out of love.

Currently living in London and Berlin respectively, Trivedi and Rustad Holseter maintain a strong connection and friendship and are excited to release their self-produced debut album ‘ORIGIN’ on Berlin-based Record Label Freudian Slit, August 2016.

The album features remixes by XIL (xil.one) and RUI HO (soundcloud.com/ruiho).

All Music Written, Programmed and Produced by KALA.
Lyrics and Vocals by Rustad Holseter.
Mixing and Mastering by Trivedi.
Album Artwork by Jose William Vigers.

TUSK – Translocation (FST010)

Translocation, in genetic terms, occurs when information on one chromosome moves onto another, or chromosomes trade information, resulting in a corrupted, mutated copy of the source material.

Translocation, in spiritual terms, is used to describe a host of experiences that challenge the consensus reality model of three dimensional space and of objects and beings moving in one direction along an additional time axis. Out of body experiences, UFO abductions and psychic communication – all of these phenomena count as forms of translocation.

Released January 29, 2016

Music composed and mixed by TUSK
Artwork by TUSK based on a photograph by Claudia Kent www.claudiakent.com


Lesbian Vampires is a psychedelic paean to impossible love and the weight of desire. The EP’s synthpop soundscape echoes the Moroder/Bowie collaboration for Cat People, with sharp, reverb-heavy snares ringing out over uterinal basslines while TUSK’s whispering, calling and chanting intersects with haunting synthesiser leads.


HYENAZ are one, defiled and immaculate, their androgynous flesh quivering on the thin edge between the digital and the divine. They believe that all beings and matter are intrinsically connected, that we can choose utopia over dystopia, that time is an illusion. The album is written as an infinite circle. An electro-symphony, it is composed not track by track, but as a whole, adapting sounds and samples from around the world and influences from across time.

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“Will Be Ready” comprises droney soundscapes recorded live in the former CIA spy-station Teufelsberg on West Berlin’s outskirts, which now existing only as an immaculate echo chamber. For anyone who has been there, the sight of the giant sphere emerging from pristine forests sticks deep, a fading monument to the human urge to dominate other human beings through knowing. In light of the PRISM scandal, the question lingers, what on earth do these agencies actually want with all the data they collect on us. What do they expect to make of it?

Vocalist Mad Kate fills this cold war relic with the minute detail of human thought, emotion and experience. With more than an echo of the Cocteau Twins‘ Elizabeth Frazer, Mad Kate calls out sentences, words, fragments and moans that depict mourning and loss, freedom and fantasy, while The Tide fills the space with guitar scrapes and chords repeated endlessly into infinity.

With “Will Be Ready”, Mad Kate |  The Tide have transformed Teufelsberg – once a vast data-collecting machine – into a human mind in all its creaky complexity. The EP is a reminder that no matter how much data they collect, information is not knowledge and that even in this information-obsessed era, something of the human mind remains sacrosanct.

More on Mad Kate | The Tide:

Together, the Tide on guitar, loops, electronics and Mad Kate singing, speaking and screaming and moving—grace the stage and touch their audience as they practice ALIVEness: queering our self-understanding in a global context in order to be more effective activists and global citizens. http://tideofsound.net/mad-kate-the-tide/


‘Sacrifice’ is an epic space opera threaded through the rising drones and beats of 1980s and 90s synthdance.
Armed with haunting vocals and synth melodies, TUSK is a dance floor renegade with beats fit for the runway and an escapist sci-fi fantasy bringing, love, sex and desire to the outer limits of this cold universe.

Fusing together a disco rave swagger with the dark arts of a black magic, ‘Sacrifice’ inhabits the nexus point between Xiu Xiu, John Foxx and Kate Bush. The hooks are indelible; the dislocated melodies and beats blast across the spectrum from acid house to future pop, new-wave to rave. ‘Sacrifice’ is danceable music for an age staring into the apocalypse, synths married with science fiction; lipstick shine under blacklights.

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Mez Medallion creates Indie/Synthpop that is uniquely exhilarating, cathartic and charismatic. From aching vocals on a bed of drum machines, euphoric synths & lo-fi psyched-out guitar to 80s new wave shimmer & 90s alt. pop – MM’s bold and uncompromising vision recreates the songs and sonic landscapes that swim deep in his dreams.

Imagine Cornelius working with New Order, The Knife & David Bowie and you’re getting close.

Late 2012 saw the release of Mez Medallion’s debut album, ‘Move Towards The Light’, accompanied by a series of brilliant videos & singles. The album, out through Berlin collective Freudian Slit, was launched at a sold out show in Berlin followed by a tour of Australia & Japan.

A desire for anonymity and solitude, and to push his creative muse to the edge, drew Mez Medallion (AKA Melbourne, Australian born Joshua Teicher) to the nocturnal engine of Berlin. The last 12 months has seen him honing his live show in the clubs & warehouse parties that make the city famous, plus shows and tours of France, Portugal, Iceland, Poland and Germany, and supporting Sub Pop folkers Husky on the German leg of their European tour.

On stage, Mez Medallion has been likened to Prince, Blood Orange, Iva Davies (Icehouse) & James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) as he fronts the 3 piece live incarnation of the music. Keytars, synths & drummachines abound as he jumps on and off the stage with a nostalgic croon and a guitar strapped to his body, soloing obnoxiously in the audience, leading singalongs and together the band build an hip shaking electro wall of sound.