TUSK - Translocation (FST010)

Translocation, in genetic terms, occurs when information on one chromosome moves onto another, or chromosomes trade information, resulting in a corrupted, mutated copy of the source material.

Translocation, in spiritual terms, is used to describe a host of experiences that challenge the consensus reality model of three dimensional space and of objects and beings moving in one direction along an additional time axis. Out of body experiences, UFO abductions and psychic communication – all of these phenomena count as forms of translocation.

Released January 29, 2016

Music composed and mixed by TUSK
Artwork by TUSK based on a photograph by Claudia Kent www.claudiakent.com


Lesbian Vampires is a psychedelic paean to impossible love and the weight of desire. The EP’s synthpop soundscape echoes the Moroder/Bowie collaboration for Cat People, with sharp, reverb-heavy snares ringing out over uterinal basslines while TUSK’s whispering, calling and chanting intersects with haunting synthesiser leads.


‘Sacrifice’ is an epic space opera threaded through the rising drones and beats of 1980s and 90s synthdance.
Armed with haunting vocals and synth melodies, TUSK is a dance floor renegade with beats fit for the runway and an escapist sci-fi fantasy bringing, love, sex and desire to the outer limits of this cold universe.

Fusing together a disco rave swagger with the dark arts of a black magic, ‘Sacrifice’ inhabits the nexus point between Xiu Xiu, John Foxx and Kate Bush. The hooks are indelible; the dislocated melodies and beats blast across the spectrum from acid house to future pop, new-wave to rave. ‘Sacrifice’ is danceable music for an age staring into the apocalypse, synths married with science fiction; lipstick shine under blacklights.

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