KALA, which in Hindi means the ability to perform in art, is a collaboration between close friends Purvi Trivedi originating from Mumbai, India and Veslemøy Rustad Holseter hailing from Grinder, Norway. The duo met through mutual friends in 2010 whilst studying at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. Trivedi, a Sound Technology student at the time and Rustad Holseter a Music student quickly formed a deep friendship over common interests and shared musical influences. In late 2012, the electronic duo ‘KALA’ was born drawing inspiration from artists such as The Knife, Bjork and Grimes. With Rustad Holseter’s diverse vocals and synths, expanding from soft to harsh and guttural, mixed with Trivedi’s otherworldly sound design, pulsating beats and production – KALA has been described as a mix of dark avant-garde electronica, tribal beats and eastern mysticism producing a mesmeric musical spell full of subtle drama.

Their debut release ‘ORIGIN’ is a conceptual album exploring the various layers of human behaviour with each track showcasing a primitive emotion and its complexities such as: Escapism, anger, friendship, childhood, ego, fantasy, sexual desire and falling in and out of love.

Currently living in London and Berlin respectively, Trivedi and Rustad Holseter maintain a strong connection and friendship and are excited to release their self-produced debut album ‘ORIGIN’ on Berlin-based Record Label Freudian Slit, August 2016.

The album features remixes by XIL (xil.one) and RUI HO (soundcloud.com/ruiho).

All Music Written, Programmed and Produced by KALA.
Lyrics and Vocals by Rustad Holseter.
Mixing and Mastering by Trivedi.
Album Artwork by Jose William Vigers.