‘Sacrifice’ is an epic space opera threaded through the rising drones and beats of 1980s and 90s synthdance.
Armed with haunting vocals and synth melodies, TUSK is a dance floor renegade with beats fit for the runway and an escapist sci-fi fantasy bringing, love, sex and desire to the outer limits of this cold universe.

Fusing together a disco rave swagger with the dark arts of a black magic, ‘Sacrifice’ inhabits the nexus point between Xiu Xiu, John Foxx and Kate Bush. The hooks are indelible; the dislocated melodies and beats blast across the spectrum from acid house to future pop, new-wave to rave. ‘Sacrifice’ is danceable music for an age staring into the apocalypse, synths married with science fiction; lipstick shine under blacklights.

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Mez Medallion creates Indie/Synthpop that is uniquely exhilarating, cathartic and charismatic. From aching vocals on a bed of drum machines, euphoric synths & lo-fi psyched-out guitar to 80s new wave shimmer & 90s alt. pop – MM’s bold and uncompromising vision recreates the songs and sonic landscapes that swim deep in his dreams.

Imagine Cornelius working with New Order, The Knife & David Bowie and you’re getting close.

Late 2012 saw the release of Mez Medallion’s debut album, ‘Move Towards The Light’, accompanied by a series of brilliant videos & singles. The album, out through Berlin collective Freudian Slit, was launched at a sold out show in Berlin followed by a tour of Australia & Japan.

A desire for anonymity and solitude, and to push his creative muse to the edge, drew Mez Medallion (AKA Melbourne, Australian born Joshua Teicher) to the nocturnal engine of Berlin. The last 12 months has seen him honing his live show in the clubs & warehouse parties that make the city famous, plus shows and tours of France, Portugal, Iceland, Poland and Germany, and supporting Sub Pop folkers Husky on the German leg of their European tour.

On stage, Mez Medallion has been likened to Prince, Blood Orange, Iva Davies (Icehouse) & James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) as he fronts the 3 piece live incarnation of the music. Keytars, synths & drummachines abound as he jumps on and off the stage with a nostalgic croon and a guitar strapped to his body, soloing obnoxiously in the audience, leading singalongs and together the band build an hip shaking electro wall of sound.

V - V (FST002)

Breathlessly dark, strangely uplifting debut album from V.

With a voice like the later Marianne Faithfull, Berlin’s priestess of dark-pop rings out bass lines that belie her grunge and punk roots. With broken beats and rich layers of synths by TUSK.